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API Documentation

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API Documentation

Module networking

Networking stuff for UDP and WebSocket communication.

class royweb.networking.PacketHandler(ip, port)

A reusable packet handler, which can send parameters via UDP.

json_message(parameter_type, value, unit, description)

Create a json dump.

send(parameter_type, value, unit, description)

Send a parameter with value and description to a ROyWeb

class royweb.networking.WebSocketBroadcaster(server, port, clients)

Receives data from UDP and redistributes them via WebSockets.


Listen for UDP packets and immediately send them to the clients.


Stop the port listener.


Returns a copy of a json obj with an additional time property.

Module webhandler

Tornado WebHandler.

class royweb.webhandler.MainHandler(application, request, **kwargs)

The main request handler for ROyWeb

class royweb.webhandler.EchoWebSocket(*args, **kwargs)

An echo handler for client/server messaging and debugging


Convert message to json and send it to the clients

class royweb.webhandler.NoCacheStaticFileHandler(application, request, **kwargs)

A static file handler without caching.

class royweb.webhandler.UnitTests(application, request, **kwargs)

The unit test page

class royweb.webhandler.SpecTests(application, request, **kwargs)

The specs page

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